Home is where the heart is, they say. Our greatest joy and fulfillment is knowing we have helped our clients achieve their dreams of finding those perfect houses to call homes. We know that acquiring Real Estate is one of life’s greatest investments. We therefore go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that our clients are given the necessary information and resources to help them navigate through the process of buying and owning a home while also ensuring that their interests are protected. To enhance our clients’ home buying experience and assist them to navigate through the process of buying and owning a home, we partner with other select professionals such as Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Home Inspectors. Through these partnerships, we are always equipped and committed to serving our clients by providing top class value added real estate service.

As a team, we bring unique talents, skills and experience to better serve our clients. We have also won several awards through our individual Brokerages.

Ike brings over a decade of real estate investment experience and knowledge. He is an astute negotiator; whose goal is always to protect the Clients’ interests and ensure that clients get real value for their investments. He is also a VERY patient real estate professional who is always willing to allow his clients the necessary time needed to navigate and advance through the home buying and ownership process.

Phoebe has proven to be a dynamic real estate professional with an amazing ability to quickly recognize and understand the real estate needs of our clients, while tirelessly deploying her resources and contacts to ensure that such needs are satisfactorily met. She is a skilled communicator with a large network of real estate business connections and contacts. Phoebe is committed to enhancing her clients’ home buying experiences through her passion for Interior design.

At Phoebe & Ike, Our core values are, providing honest and conscientious services to our clients which in return earn their trust. We strongly believe in building relationships, mutual respect and are very mindful of our clients’ privacy.


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